Consolidating J&J's Global Marketing Vision through Design.

-- Tuesday, 16 June 2015 -- admin

We are proud to announce that Punch is now a part of Johnson & Johnson’s global New Way of Marketing movement. This company-wide paradigm shift was initiated in November 2014, by their CMO, Alison Lewis. It aims to to move to a One-Idea model for its global mega brands.

To realise this vision, Johnson & Johnson needs to educate the entire workforce. But for a company that is spread across 60 countries with over 120,000 employees, they need a single tool that can convey complex concepts in a simple and interesting manner. For which they turned to Punch.

We have partnered with them to develop a New Way of Marketing Guidebook that will help tell their employees about the why, what, how and where of the new movement. Using intense and insightful infographics we transforming a plethora of complex information into simple, enlightening knowledge.

As a vital part of their ‘grand plan’ this guidebook will help implement the shift effectively across the company, in every part of the world.

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New ways of Marketing Guidelines for Johnson & Johnson

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