Why is Branding Important?

-- Thursday, 22 January 2015 -- admin

Sit back, zoom out and get a stratospheric look at our society. In today’s world, there seems to be little untouched by branding. Even basic services and industries, like academia and healthcare prominently flaunt their logos and slogans. This is so, because branding helps them:

1. Differentiate themselves amongst others like them,

2. and Influence our choices in their favour.

Even economically, the annual income of the world’s five largest business corporations is more than the Gross National Product of several nations! And it is the effective branding behind such names that creates the power to influence society. For example, the 20th century Christmas is incomplete without Coca-Cola’s staple messages of joy. What began as a simple promotional exercise in the 1930s has become so successful, that popular opinion even rumours Coca-Cola to be the creators of the “Modern Santa-Claus”. Though not true, the Coke’s clever alignment with a red and white Santa Claus has made it one of the most influential brands in the world.

People are passionate about brands whether they support them or not. Rivalries like Apple-Samsung, Nike-Reebok, or Coke-Pepsi not only ignite debates, but also determine where a person will spend. In a nutshell, branding is important because of its relationship and impact on the world we live in. Potent, smart and adventurous branding exercises can take your company far and affect the whole world.

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