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-- Tuesday, 29 September 2015 -- admin

Creativity is famously unpredictable. We may have our whole team working on a logo idea for a whole week. But after several research attempts, profound brainstorms, and ‘inspirational’ sessions, the idea will be hiding somewhere in an overheard conversation. And you’ll wonder, “Why didn’t I think of that before?”

As fantastic as it may sound, creating such ‘Eureka!’ moments on an everyday basis is no cakewalk. Yet, like any other industry, we know that we are accountable to our clients and that the value of our efforts should be apparent.That’s when we gave birth to EQVT.

EQVT is Punch's homemade project-based evaluation programme that categorically judges each employee’s contribution. For every project, all team members rate all other contributing team members. They are marked on the Energy they give in (E), the Quality of their efforts (Q), the Value they bring in (V) and how well they manage Time (T)

The project is then also judged by the client on the same parameters. And at the end of the quarter, we award two employees who have the highest equity (or EQVT) across projects. This simple and transparent system has given the Punch team a renewed morale boost. And clients enjoy the calculability which has naturally made us more dependable in their eyes.


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